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With their unique cork structure and tough resilient surface finishes, FORNA floors are durable. A FORNA floor can withstand years of wear and still look as good as the day it was installed.

The cork inner structure in all FORNA floors is guaranteed to cut noise. This reduces sound between and within rooms, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment in your home.

The unique characteristics of cork also ensure that a FORNA floor is more comfortable to walk and stand on. Cork's absorbs shock easily, making it easy to walk on which helps to relieve the strain on your joints.

Cork offer benefits that other floors can't match. Its natural thermal insulation properties make FORNA floors very pleasant to the touch, even with bare feet, as they provide an optimal floor temperature all year round.

FORNA floors come with surface finishes that put a stop to entrapped dirt, germs or fungus, thus actively contributing to a healthy and hygienic environment.

Easy Maintenance
The specialized surface finishes of FORNA floors make them easier for you to clean and maintain.

Environmentally Friendly
Cork is an environmentally friendly solution. FORNA floors are made with natural products and cork is an outstandingly ecological material, and an environmentally friendly flooring solution.

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Harbinger combines durability, outstanding performance, with design and style. This is an excellent alternative to traditional flooring for both residential and commercial spaces.

Harbinger cork flooring is a great environmental alternative since it is completely recyclable with 60% recycled materials in the durable backing. This excellent flooring is superior in its stain, scratch and dent resistence. Cork also absorbs sound and provides excellent thermal insulation.

Stop by Burritt Bros. and see our selection of Habinger cork flooring today and discover how this environmentally sound flooring solution can enhance your home or office.

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